Our Driver Licensing Program Feedback

Mira C.

Thank you for all your help with teaching my daughters how to drive! When my youngest daughter came away from her first day of in-class lessons excited and eager to return to class the next day, I knew that it was going to be a great experience. She found your in-class teaching style to be active, engaging, and effective, which put her in an excellent frame of mind to start the in-car portion of the training. She looked forward to her driving lessons - saying that you were focused and attentive, and always kind, funny, and welcoming. We also appreciated your flexibility.


Thank you also for providing my older daughter with extra lessons. Her previous driver's education experience (with another school in Guelph) was not positive and she lacked the confidence and skill to even want to drive, let alone pass her G2 test. We are thoroughly grateful to you for the excellent support and teaching you provided, and the confidence you instilled.


Under your guidance, both my daughters passed their tests, first time. Many thanks Terry! We will certainly be recommending National Defensive Driver Training to our friends!

To Gabriel, our in-car instructor

Re: Letter of Commendation - Gabriel

I am Wendy B., a student of Gabriel, an instructor with your driving school. It is an honour to write a commendation letter for Gabriel. Being in my 30s, I never thought that I would be able to get my G license. Driving has never been easy for me given that I am scared to drive. However, Gabriel provided the knowledge, techniques, and wisdom to be a safe and confident driver. Below are some of the reasons why I think that Gabriel must be among the best instructors in Ontario, if not Canada.
Expertise in pedagogy of driving:

  • Anyone can teach driving but being a successful teacher is a different ballgame. Regardless of my knowledge in driving, Gabriel went back to the basics of driving in my first lesson and built knowledge and techniques from there. He has the ability to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the student and provide customized advice. I still keep his handwritten instructions from one of my first lessons; crisp and concise the instructions got to the essential and practical.
  • Gabriel also has the capacity to adapt his teaching style to the student’s learning style. I am a visual learner and fond of mathematics. I could not believe that mathematical principles could be applied to driving but Gabriel using graphics and these same mathematical principles I am fond of to teach me various techniques in driving. Needless to say, my learning experience was that much better. If my memory serves me well, he even keeps a protractor in his car.

Expertise in Knowledge of Road Legislations and Regulations:

  • Gabriel is a real encyclopedia of road legislations and regulations that dissipates any confusion that may arise during driving due to not well-understood driving rules, increasing confidence and safety.

Real Commitment to Road Safety:

  • I have to say being a policy advisor, I was very impressed with Gabriel’s real concern for the different facets of what policy options could make our roads safer: from driver training, to road conditions, to instructor training and certification. As a society, we can only hope that more instructors have this level of commitment.

With wisdom beyond his years, Gabriel is simply a great human being that is non-judgmental while providing real critical feedback (I still do not know how he manages the fine line – it must be the unique sense of humour). I am a busy mom with crazy schedules and he never judged my ability to sometimes not being able to make it to my lessons. He also never made me feel less of a human being for not mastering the finer art of driving. He taught me very humbly (without any expression of frustration) everything that I know about safe and confident driving.

Frankly, after all I have learned in knowledge, techniques, and safety tips, I wanted my money back from the previous training I received. This is why I will be booking additional training with Gabriel to learn advanced techniques in driving, especially Winter driving.

Yours sincerely,
Wendy B.

The following are just a few of the 1000's of positive comments from students when asked what they liked most about the in-class training: (These comments were made anonymously on a form so as to solicit an honest response)

  • "The teacher was very informative and funny and made the class a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the jokes and stories."
  • "Stories that allow us to understand how big of a responsibility driving is."
  • "I liked the fact that it was both informative and fun. The instructor was highly qualified (from my opinion) and was clear and concise."
  • "Teacher made boring stuff more interesting and his stories proved some of these things actually do happen."
  • "The instructor was very patient, very understanding, very clear, and very entertaining."
  • "He taught me a lot I didn't know such as defensive driving. This will be great for me as a future driver."
  • "He's very funny and informative and the class was very interactive."
  • "I liked how we learnt everything in an easy way that's also is easy to remember. Our teacher is very enthusiastic and very devoted to what he teaches."

This is a reference from a parent who has been a professional teacher for many years and is currently a Dept. Head in a high school. He has also taught the driver education in-class many, many times. For reasons of privacy, some parts have been omitted

"For over 20 years I have instructed teenagers at high school. I was so impressed by his expertise; knowledge and patience that I had my own daughter take lessons from him, even though we live in a completely different area. If (National) charged twice as much as any other driving school, I would still have my children take lessons from (them). There is a remarkable difference in choosing (National) over most other driving schools."

David Turner, former Director of Youth and International Services, The Centre for Education and Training and former high school principal

"It's a high level of quality instruction in Beginner Driver Education provided by Terry Reid (of National) to our clients. Mr. Reid has worked as both an 'in class' and 'in car' instructor for us. He's a very thorough instructor in both settings, providing our clients with up-to-date information and methodology. Perhaps his most effective attribute is his ability to work effectively with students in producing superior results. It's beyond a high rate of success. His primary concern is to teach young people safe driving habits for their lifetime."

These comments came from 4 students who had training at other driving schools before coming to us for some help

1)  "I took lessons with Y------- ------- before I took lessons with National Defensive Driver Training. I found that the Y----- --------- training was very broad and cookie-cutter. They weren't able to attend to my individual needs in detail like National Defensive Driver Training was able to." - MS

2) Thanks for helping me after my bad experience at A-------. They only gave me 4 of my 10 hours of training I paid for after my medical problem and I don't feel that I learned anything from them. I was hesitant to try again with another school but since my friend recommended you guys (National), I decided to try one more time. I'm very happy I did! Thank you again for all your help. - Emily

3) "I was really disappointed after my first experience taking drivers ed through my school. The instructor spent most of my lesson time talking on his cell phone in a different language while I drove around. At National I really think I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence." - Kaitlin

4) A Mature Student:

"I would like to say a very big thank you to Terry at National Drivers because of him I got my G2 license. Prior to selecting National Drivers I took few courses and numerous on-road lessons from a different school in Guelph, but no luck...I was under the impression that I will never get my license, but once I started taking my lessons with Terry I realized that it's not me it's the quality of instructions and lack of clarity which was holding me back. I felt really happy that not only I got my driving license, but I know the rules and regulation which is very important. I find Terry very helpful, kind, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn driving... take my word and join National Drivers.

Thanks, Shazia"

G1 student

"I passed!!!!! I only lost 4 marks, (the examiner) said, 'oh sorry, that's my fault, I should have told you not to use your backup camera at all' Lol, but I think only 4 marks lost isn't too bad!!! Thank you so much for your expert tutelage!!" - Tucker

Andrey Pedan, a past Guelph Storm player

"I think about these training programme, that it was great, it helps me a lot to get 92% in road test. I enjoy training with my instructor...because I feel comfortable and it is a lot of fun. Thank you"

Some university students who texted us after their road tests

"I PASSED!!! I did it! Barely any marks off either, ..." - Devon

"...passed my driving test! Thank you for everything! I've really learned a lot from your driving course! It's been a pleasure being a student of yours! All the best..." - Karlynn

"I passed! Yaaay. Thank you for being such a great teacher!!" - Rachel

From a mom ... "... I wanted to let you know Daniel passed the G test today. Please thank your instructor (Gabriel), Dan said he did an excellent job and the refresh was great. Thanks again ..."