Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! National is a ministry-approved beginner driver education course provider.

The fact is we don't have huge franchise and advertising fees. National can offer a high level of training at a great price because we don't have all of the expenses that "the other big school" has. Our success has been through word of mouth and referrals. We succeed because our students succeed.

Here is something to consider:

We've been approached by road test examiners about teaching their kids and neighbours how to drive. Taking into account the number of driving schools that examiners have a chance to compare, we think that speaks volumes. (We are very honoured by the requests.)

YES! All ministry-approved beginner driver education course providers receive identical certification from the government.

Discounts vary among insurance companies, but you can be sure that you would be eligible for the MAXIMUM insurance discount available that your insurance company gives for driver education. In some cases, your insurance savings could more than cover the cost of the program.

Students should bring:

  • A photocopy of the front and back of their driver's licence
  • At least 2 pens and a highlighter
  • A current copy of the Official Drivers Handbook (An MTO requirement)
  • A signed consent form (you will receive through email or that you can pick up from our office)
  • Possibly pack a lunch or bring money to buy something if the session is all-day

The ministry road test is separate from this program. However, you may arrange for the following services after successful completion of the program: A one-hour, pre-test review lesson; 30-minute registration and any last use of the instructor’s car for the road test.

At National, your lessons are suited to your needs. We offer private one-to-one lessons so you can concentrate on an important life skill. 

At National, there are no hidden costs. The certification fee is included in the fee for the course. Some schools have a surcharge for the certification.

Note: The MTO went paperless with certification in September 2009 and will issue proof of successful completion at any Driver Licence Issuing Office for your insurance company. Unfortunately, they charge $12 and will only issue the driver licence history to the specific applicant, not a parent.

Pick-up and drop-off are provided at no extra cost within Guelph city limits.

Yes. It's mandatory that you successfully complete a minimum of 20 hours of in-class, some homework, and 10 hours of in-car training to be eligible for certification.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a 4-month credit toward the graduated licensing system. You will be eligible to take the road test 4 months earlier than someone who has not taken an MTO-approved course. However, because at National we are more interested in our student's safety than how fast you get your G2, we recommend you attempt the test only when we feel you are road-worthy.

We strongly recommend at least 40 hours of behind-the-wheel training with your instructor and co-driver(s). Statistics show that the average new driver is most likely to get into a collision in their 1st couple of thousand kilometres of driving, so we strongly recommend a minimum of 40 hours of behind-the-wheel experience; whether with a professional instructor or a qualified co-driver (like a parent) before they should attempt to drive alone.

Based on our most recently available statistics, it is approximately 99%.