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Welcome to National Defensive Driver Training!
Serving the needs of new drivers since 1997.

Why Choose National?

Terry Reid, the instructor who owns and runs the driving school has an extensive
background in driver training. For almost 28 years, he has had experience teaching students everything from parking to emergency skills.  He started out with Young Drivers of Canada, then the Peel District School Board and The Centre for Education and Training and finally chose to raise his family and teach in Guelph. He has also trained experienced adult drivers at the Skid School in Oakville in more advanced vehicle maneuvering such as skid control, emergency braking methods and proactive driving habits.

The in class portion of the full BDE MTO Approved course is far more interactive than most. We use an advanced power point presentation that aids students with moving visuals that go along with the information that the in class instructor and his real-life experiences provide. Students have regularly commented that the class portion "taught me a lot more than I thought I would learn", "has made me feel more confident about driving" and "wasn't boring like I thought it would be." 

We also have 3 other in car instructors who are very well respected and requested by students - Gabriel, Ranee and Ian.

Gabriel is a very thorough and sought-after instructor.  His students describe him as "funny", "easy to learn from" and often recommend their friends to ask for him.  His use of newer tech in the car, like video footage of proper techniques and other road user errors, relates to teens who are used to seeing information visually. He gets excellent results at the test centre and gets along with just about everyone. A very professional and detailed trainer.

Ranee is a very caring and considerate instructor who goes the extra mile to accomodate her students when possible.  Her total commitment to helping students becomes obvious from the first lesson. As a former driving school owner, she knows what it takes to help students become calm and confident drivers.  

Ian joined us from his previous employer, Royal City driving school where he was widely considered their most popular instructor.  Ian also taught for Young Drivers of Canada for many years and is a seasoned pro at teaching all the skills needed to become a safe and skilled driver.  

Combined, our instructors have almost 60 years of experience teaching students all the skills and knowledge needed to become safe, confident drivers.  But if your still not convinced, try reading our students comments.  Whether you need a full training course or just a few lessons to brush up or learn some new skills, we have the right trainers for you.

Please give us a call at 519-400-SAFE (7233) and we will help you attain your driving goals!

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