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Senior Training Session (90 Minutes)                                                                    

Price: $79.65 plus tax (Road Test Package may be added at additional cost)

Are you or someone you care about coming up for a Senior's road test and need a little brushing-up on what is expected?  Or maybe you just know you've gotten a bit 'rusty' and want to get some help. Let us help you ease your stress and keep your independence.  This 90 minute lesson can be tailor-made to your needs for driver improvement in areas that concern you or we will go over parallel parking, the road side stop, current rules of the road, the 3 point turn and advanced observation; all things that are tested for on your upcoming road test.  As well, you can request a summary sheet (please ask for this at time of booking)  that will aid you to remember the details of your training session in order to make it easier to review and improve before you go.

As an ad on you might also consider a package that includes an extra refresher and use of the instructor's car (at the instructor's discretion) on the day of your road test if your vehicle is questionable for 'fitness' or unavailable.  This further increases your opportunity to succeed as our instructors have amongst the highest passing rate in the city. Please ask for details when you call.

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